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Friday, 2 May 2014

Life Is Like A Rollercoaster

What I realized in the last few month is, that not everybody wants to push himself to it's limits or at least they don't want it hard enough. I have been battling often with myself, should I do that, and this, and should I try this...

Without focus you never reach your goal

Why? Sometimes I thought I am searching for something that doesn't exist - the ultimate success! 
But is success really something that couldn't exist for myself? Was it something that only some of us could ever reach, those who are blessed, who have more talent or grew up in a family that supported them? 

Well I don't think so anymore! I recognized that the more work I put into something the more I started believing in myself. The boundaries that I have put up for myself so many years where just there because I was afraid, maybe afraid to fail? Afraid to start something and fail again for not finishing? No trust in myself, don't see myself as good enough? 

I don't know, maybe a sum of all of that, but ... If you think about it... There are absolutely NO boundaries, just those you build up yourself. I am convinced that if you want something, you have to go after it. Doesn't matter what it takes, it's your responsibility and don't forget, we just have one life, one life to proof that we are worth more than just being mediocre

The first step, change your habits. I know that's easy to say. Also some personal coaches might say this, we also hear/read it in self help books, but what's really meant by it?

I will tell you what it means for me. It means, standing up a half an hour earlier than otherwise and read a few lines of a book, it means to go training although you don't want to, going for a run although it's late already and you are tired, putting the dustbin out although you are to lazy, preparing a good meal although you want to go to Burger King... it means, changing the habits that you have right now for better ones. Think about your life. Are you thinking about it? 

What disturbs you? What are things that you hate about yourself, about your habits? It might be, watching to much TV, not going out to meet new people, procrastinating, not standing up for your own opinion, being non-active instead of pro-active, lying on the couch and sleeping or playing video games...what ever it is, reduce them first and fit a new task into your daily live. 

That's not hard. You can keep playing video games or lying around but you have a new task to fit into the day. 
What do you want to change? Is it receiving better grades in school or university? 
Eating better food? Reducing your body weight? Social activities? Whatever it is, there will be something you want to change. 

I have decided in March 2012, to go running on a regular basis. In July 2012 I decided to start making workouts. 

I decided to run at least once a week and hit the gym once a week. I had to fulfill this goal, by any means. 

You know what I did, I exceeded my goal and even went running 2-4 times a week. After my job I would put on my running shoes and go for a run. I felt so good and after some weeks I started running hills as well... I felt stronger and stronger. I pushed myself, I had fun running... but their were also times were I procrastinated. I actually wanted to go running but then something else came in between, Excuses

I am not a machine either, but at least I held my promise to go running at least once a week, I was happy. 

After 4 month of running on a regular basis, I decided to lift some weights as well. I had some weights at home, purchased several years ago, but never really used, I started training. 

I have done all of it at home. I went running and lifted weights on a regular basis. 

At the beginning of October 2012, I participated in my first competition, I was in good shape and ran the 5k in 18:55 minutes. I even thought I could take it faster and wasn't even tired after the race. 
I was very fit, over 6 month running training and 3 month weight lifting made me to a new "me".

And what has changed? Yes, my habits. In the past I would go home after my job and relax, as I thought I needed to relax because of the tough day... but on the long go, this was crap. After getting used to my running I was more relaxed than ever before. I needed it and wanted to keep running and I did...  

I even managed to pull people on my side and all of a sudden other people, friends, also started training. One of my friends, became my best training partner ever. First I influenced him, later on he kept me going. So that's the first secret to keep going, believe in yourself and train whatever it takes, if you keep going, people will join you in the battle and if times get tough, they will push you forward. 

This is one of the most powerful ways I know to stay focused. 

But how do you come so far of training regularly? What should you do if you don't have a friend to start your journey? 
Why didn't I procrastinate? What kept me going?

Yes, that's a good question. 

And you know what, I have found an answer. 

You can either find a real coach who pushes you or you make it the way I did or similar. My approach was to "built" my own coach. The idea was to listen to things that motivate me. Yes, I believe you need that. How do you expect your mindset to make a hundred percent shift otherwise? It's nearly impossible. Your "well exercised" habits will try to stay. 

You need a coach, somebody who motivates you and. The best way to find one, get the right music, motivating videos, speeches etc and listen to them every day. I did it like that, before I went to work I listened to motivating speeches, music etc. Maybe you can also find a Blog where a person writes about his experience and openly shares his tips. 

I am sure the following youtube links will help you:


Follow Eric Thomas, Ray Lewis on youtube or watch their videos by searching for them. 

There might be a lot more speekers, these ones are the ones I hear most of the time.
I viewed or listened to these videos from my way to work, from work, when i went shopping, always when I was able to. 

And you know what, it gave me the drive to keep going. Without them, I would not have made the change. 

I recognized that you can change your life. You just have to find the way, nobody will tell you about it, everybody struggles with himself/herself. And if somebody knows, how to change, he might not tell you anyway? 

Well, I do. Because I think everybody should find his way in life. If I can contribute to your life getting better, this would be so great for me!

And don't forget one thing. A lot of people might want to change, but not in areas you want change. If you want to change your body, don't expect others around you to follow. Some will but some won't see a motivation behind it. 

They will rather tell you that you should not go for a run so late, do something with them instead or not hit the gym or learn or cook a good meal. They won't understand you, but know one thing, although you live your life with others. 

They shouldn't make you live their lives. So go your way like the guy in the picture below. And if it seems crazy, you might be doing exactly the right thing.

And always remember - everything counts!

For the case you need some extra motivation, this video might help you as well:

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