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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Which Shoes Do I Run With?

Here's an update of my Blog.

Just wanted to share with you my experience for these running shoes. They are adidas shoes and I have really made good experience. I have been running with them for 2 years now. On average I ran around 12k per week over 24 month. Brings me to 1.248 kilometers. I ran offroad as onroad.
My feet weren't sweatening a lot and they are still not smelly (maybe a bit, but really not bad) :)

This picture was made in July 2013, take a look at the shoes :)

From running stores its most of the time recommended to run around 500k (because the barrel profile loses it's bounce capability) and than change the shoes. Maybe they are right, nevertheless I tried mine more than twice as long but probably I will change them now, as they are slowly starting to fall apart. 

The profile is also not the best anymore.

Here some pictures of the shoes:

Don't want to make any commercials for Adidas. I don't care about brands, I care about good running shoes and they served me very well. Payed 100 Euro for them and would buy them again.

Which shoes are you running with and why would you recommend them?

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