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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Quarter Marathon and 5k in 7 days! 

In the last 10 days quite a lot things happened by me. On 18th August I was competing in a quarter Marathon in Carinthia.

My running time for the distance of 10.55k was 44 minutes 19 seconds. 

4:16/k average speed 14.04 km/h

I think the race was quite ok. I didn't run the fastest possible but quite steady. As I had another competition on 25th August I wanted to save some energy for that run.

Unfortunately I didn't do so well in 5k. Had a time of 20:30 minutes, so it's also just ok. I already ran faster than that almost 2 minutes so I am not quite sure why I couldn't speed up more. Guess maybe the grit I was running on was making me slower and took away more energy than expected. But I am not sure, maybe I was also just taking the first 2.5 k to slow. Had a time of 10:35 for the first 2.5 and then accelerated, took me another 9:55 for the other 2.5k.

Yea but all together it was actually a quite nice run.

So the next competition might be in 2 weeks, I am not sure now if I will participate cause it's just a 4.2k and it's stupid to compare other races I run with that distance. Let's see.

Here are two fotos of me:

Quarter Marathon

5k in a park, parts were grit some pavement . 

By the way, I am the guy on the left side with the yellow shor!;)

Please let me know about your running experience. Would really be happy to hearing from you.


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