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Friday, 30 May 2014

How To Motivate Yourself For Running Although You Don't Feel Like It

First I want to tell you how I motivated myself and then I will tell you what I think is a good way to get your butt out of the door.

Today I made a 8.6k run and ran it with a rather low speed of 11k. As I was already training on Monday, Wednesday and today I am feeling a bit tired in my legs. Today I ran 6.6k with 11k and the last 2k with 15k per hour. In total a very successful run. I might not should have pushed myself at the end, but I somehow needed it:)

When I cam home today, I ate something and afterwards wasn't really convinced of still going to the gym, but I tried not to have any excuses and so I just did it. You know if you have a full stomache and it's already 8pm, then you just want to sit down or lie on the couch and relax. 

Nevertheless I pushed myself and went to the gym and you know what was so astonishing?

Hardly any people where there. Why? Because it's hard for everyone to go to the gym on a Friday night. Sure, some meet friends or family, but I am sure not even half of the guys going to the gym did that today. I think it's much more likely that they were to lazy.

To lazy to get their butt up and work out. This is actually not surprising, it seems to be human nature? No! We can do what we like, whenever we like. Nobody forces us to do it. But if we can force ourselves, we will one day have mastered ourselves and success will come automatically.

How to motivate yourself?

There are 3 major steps for lasting change.
1. I have recognized that, when I am not in a mood for running, the best thing I can do is, listen to motivating music or speeches. The following video link should motivate you.


As we all know, our body will follow our mind. You have to change your mindset first. Motivating things can help a lot. They help you to open your eyes and recognize that you just have one life, one life to proof that you can change your life for a better.

2. Stop procrastinating

Some things in life can not be put on hold. Today is your chance where you have to proof your perseverance. You have made the decision that you want to do some sports, to walk, to jog or to make a sprint. It doesn't matter how high your aims are, but just do something. If you want progress, put your shoes on now and do not postpone things to the next day.

3. No excuses anymore

The time of excuses is over. This is the time were you define yourself, where you develop to a new you. Be consistent, reliable and do whatever it takes to make sure you hit the road. You have to develop the attitude that however the weather is, if it's cloudy, rainy or cold, you are tired, lazy or just don't want to go outside, it doesn't matter. You have to fulfill your goal. If not today, when else?

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