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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Interval Training - Sweat, Pain And Tears Not For The Softly Heartet

Yesterday I made my first interval training since quite a while.

I really enjoyed it. Since last week I am subscribed to a fitness center round the corner again. 
It's one of the cheapest, but although not cheap.

Doesn't matter, my training is more important than the financial hurdle.

In this week I have been going for a run on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Today I took off and went for a burger at Burger Fuel. 

Maybe not the best food, but I just wanted to have it. A small reward so to speak.

My interval training was good. After the runs, I most of the time went down to 5-10k for 300 meter and than accelerated again. 

It's a tough training and the legs get tired. I love it to push myself even further, the last 20k I actually ran for 700 meter. Wanted to see how far I can take it. 

After my Thursday training I also decided to lift some weights. The second time since I am training again. Have to say I like it as well. It needs some willpower for me to start going but it's definitely worth it.

Today at night I was also measuring my pulse, wanted to know how high it is.

My heart beat was 54 in 60 sec. That's quite good for me, would like to get it down to 48-50.
Lets see. 

Just as a hint, if you make intervall training you should actually make 4 or 8, some people make 10 repititions. If you are starting running right now, I would recommend running the average speed that you run in a competition. So far example, if you run 30 minutes on a 5k, then this is 6 minutes for 1k,
This is a speed of 10k. 

So, if you accelerate your speed for 400 meter, run 10k. If you think this is not a good training you can always make the breaks shorter. 
You will quickly see, that also with a lower speed and short breaks you will get tired quite quickly.

If you are more experienced, push yourself, up to 10-25% higher than your average competition speed.
This is hardcore training, it's exhausting but it's benefits are just great!

I am running since over 2 years now, and I have some experience with interval training, I think the best way to train is to listen onto your body and how far you want to push yourself. But be sure your body can bear more than you might think.

Never forget - there are no excuses anymore! You just put on your shoes, get out, doesn't matter what the weather is like, which time it is or how your mood is.

No EXCUSES - Just Do it, because everything counts!

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