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Monday, 3 November 2014

What Makes Us Happy?

We all want to be happy in life and sometimes we want to pleasure others to be happy and forget about ourselves. There are so many mothers, fathers, children and grandparents in the world that are trying to do everything to make other family members happy.

Personally I think that this is a very unnatural behavior. Sure, we all have responsibilities, but first of all you should always take care about yourself. In the past I have tried to make everybody around me happy.

In the meanwhile I discovered that taking care about yourself first is crucial for a fulfilled life. If you are not happy yourself, how can you ever make others around you truely happy? It's not possible.

If you want a better life, you have to do what's important for you first, then you take care about your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, friends, family etc.

So, but how do you take care about yourself?

I think one of the best ways is to spend some time alone. It actually doesnt matter what you do, if you go for a walk, for a run or just read in a book. Do the things that you never do (because you don't want others to be alone, or being bored because you are not there) but fulfill you. If you like to meet a good friend of yours once a week for a beer and discuss different topics, just do it. If you are in the mood to do some sports, just do it.

One of the best strategies to have time for yourself is waking up a half hour earlier than usually and in that time do something productive that you like doing. For example you could read a book, make some exercise, write in a journal, watch an inspirational movie or whatever.

If you have done that you have start your day good and will be motivated for the rest of your day.

Try it out but when you start doing it be aware that you will have to do it always, a life-time if you really want to take care of you. Taking care of yourself is a responsibility that you can not deny.

I will tell you a secret. Lots of people say that you can change a habit in 21 days, 30 days or 40 days. Newest researches show that a period of 66 days is necessary to really change a habit. Take care of yourself for a life-time and you will discover that you have more thrive and you will become another person.

If you stop caring for yourself within the 66 days you have to restart again until you have managed to do it.

To be completely honest: I am taking a challenge myself at the moment. The challenge is to for 66 days taking care about myself in an area that I have not done so far. My plan includes the following: Standing up before 6 o'clock for the next 66 days, not including weekends.

I don't want to be to hard to myself.

Today I had my first day. I will write an update every weekday here. I will make an own blog post covering all the days.

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