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Saturday, 15 November 2014

How To Find The Right Work Life Balance

Have you ever asked yourself, how to find the right work life balance? Well, I did and I am still not 100% sure how to find it. In general I think there are a few areas in life that have to fit together. One can not be without the other one for true fulfillment. Basically I think that there have to be a balance in these 3 main areas for satisfaction:

# Health #
# Social Love #
# Progress #

Please let me explain why I think the following points are so important and how you can get them going for yourself as well.

1. Health

Without health noting makes as fun as when you are healthy. Ever had a cold and went to work? How did it feel? Didn't you want to go home, tell your colleagues that they should shut the fuck up and didn't your boss nerve you? Stupid client meetings gave you the rest...?

Haha... I am sure you know what I am talking about. So health takes a very important part in our live. I know often you can not do anything against your cold, your fever or your headache, maybe...

Just in general I think that some diseases and illnesses are caused because of our own mental and physical state. If you start eating chunk food and lying around all day, your body shape will change and also your mental state as you actually know you are eating the wrong food you will probably start feeling guilty for your actions.

If you do this over and over again it will effect your mental state. It's like never brushing your teeth before getting to bed this will have a physical impact but also a mental aspect. Deeply within yourself you know that it would be better brushing your teeth to prevent caries. You develop a bad feeling about yourself. I think its similar with eating unhealthy food.

But now imagine you would do exactly the opposite and eat healthy food. Wouldn't your whole body feeling change? Sure it would. Sadly we are mostly to lazy to take a half an hour a day to cook a proper meal although the benefits are great.

Another important factor to keep healthy is doing some way of exercise. It's not so important to power yourself out but just move the muscles a bit and even if its just a 10 minute walk a day. Your body will be happy about your decision.

Health can just be part of your life if you take the time for sportive activities and make a conscious decision about which food you should eat and which you can reduce or leave away.

2. Social Love

We all need love, be it from our partner, parents, friends, children or anyone else. We want to be part of something bigger. If we are just alone, we are not part of anything but this feeling is important for us.
I know there are people who are alone, they might have lost their families or just could not deal with their old life anymore and restarted it somewhere else. Also you need social love. The good thing, everybody has the option to leave love into your life. It's your decision, nobody has to be alone and their is always someone for somebody, I truely believe that.

But I also think that sometimes a bit of loneliness can also be very enlightening as it shows us what is really important for us and sometimes we all just need a break. But in general we want to share our stories, our worries, our happiness and our adventures. We are social human beings and social contact can be like water for a fish.

Do not fear the social life, if you are part of it, it will enrich it and you are not a disturbance, you are the element that would be missing if you were not part of it.

3. Progress

I think this is a very important part also. We all need progress in some way. Often it is about changing bad habits for better ones. Sometimes it's changing your attitude from being lazy to being productive and volunteering in the community. Sometimes its the big business career, participating in a 5k run or finishing up the bachelor thesis.

But it can also mean, enhancing your social circles or overcoming "overwhelming" (or at least seemed overwhelming)  situations.

If you are in a negative mental or physical condition and lack confidence or are feeling bad about your fat body, the fastest way to change your state is to do some sports. This gives you an immediate boost of happiness hormones and from this stage you start building up further happy moments.

The hard thing however is to maintain this state. If you just do some activities for a week, you will just have this feeling for a week. A month is already better than a week, but what about a lifetime?

Other people see great enjoyment in hacking the internet on weekends and it gives them satisfaction. It means something different for everybody. Deeply in yourself you anyway know what most satisfies you.

So, that is my attitude about the 3 most important factors in life. Health, Social Love and Progress.

To be truely happy, all of these states have to be in balance. Often you see people, having a 10/10/80 ratio. Work means so much for them and their health and social love lack. Sure, you can live with this, but isn't it sad what you miss along the way?

Would be happy to know what you think about the most important factors in life. Just post your comment below.

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  1. Hey Roland,

    Like your way of seeing things in life. I don't agree to all of it fully but there is quite a bit of truth in most of them. Keep sharing. Enjoy reading.