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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Train As Hard As You Like & See The Secrets Which Will Keep You Going

Personally I think that there is not a specific benchmark for how hard you should train and a very personal decision. I know people who prefer training not too hard but making very short breaks between the repitions of 30-45 sec's. They are rather focusing on burning fat and not so much on developing big muscles.

Then there are some who just hit the gym to move, they will walk on the treadmill and if they make some kind of weight lifting they will use low weights and just make few repitions. What I recognised is that rather women tend to do that. They often have another goal than men. They want to train their tighs, butt, legs or abs and are seeking to feel fit, of doing something. They don't want to built huge muscles and to be honest, I think its great seeing women train like that. It's not really about how hard they train, just the fact that they make the decision of going to the gym after work although they are not in the mood is already a great achievement.

On the other side, men are mostly training quite differently. There are those who have a real tough time going to the training. You feel that they are just physically present. The problem is, they might have the idea of taking the journey, but have not set up their mind set for training mode. They have not matured enough. Most of them will probably train for a few weeks and than reduce the training more and more until they stop. Some of them start training again after a while and try to push them further this time. Some won't start training again for the next years. Those who hit the gym again sometimes stick a bit longer to it.

As long as you don't see a body transformation it is hard to believe in what you are doing. Why should you do something, which does not change anything? I think one of the most motivating things is to see RESULTS. We all need results and if it's just the weight falling by 0.5kg. This alone can be fuel enough to keep the engine running.

Guys, if you are right now in that situation of starting to procrastinate, and harldly ever train, I can tell you one thing. It is a struggle, not only today, but maybe also tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. It's hard to get into the gym, if you don't feel like it. But, the benefits are extraordinary.

Personally I also felt of quitting my exercises a few times already and one of the reasons were that I made exercises in the gym that I actualy did not like at all. I would lift weights or use machines that I did not like at all. So i think, that it is important to try different machines and you will discover the ones you like or don't like and than train on the likeable ones.

It will give you more motivation to hit the gym. Another thing that I discovered which can help you to focus going into the gym is the duration of your training. Training shorter but more regular increases motivation. If you are planning to train and know that it will roughly take you 1.5 -2 hours and you want to eat something afterwards, make the dishes or watch some sports, how likely is it that you will still go to your training, but if you decide to train shorter, maybe 1 hour and will still have time to watch sports or go out, this will increase your level of motivation. So, reconsider your training duration.

Another thing that can limit your training attitude is the fact that you listen to much about what others say or are just to caring. You might want to spen time with your family, your spouse / girlfriend or boyfriend and thatjust because you don't want the others to feel lonely or bored, right? Ever experienced this? The truth is, if you don't do what you want to do, you will soon feel unhappy about yourself your life and probaly also the one who holds you back. I mean, seriously, does it really matter if you are out of the house for 1.5 hours?

You just have to go your own way. This does not mean you don't care about others, you love the people you are spending time with. Try to be an inspiration, do your thing and you will see you will also pave a new way for the people in your surrounding. When I started working out and running regularly I could also inspire others and some people followed me with my training. They knew, if I could do it, they could do it too.

If you challenge yourself and keep going although it's painful, you will get stronger and stronger, you will grow in every other area of your life too. A machine that is running full speed can not be stopped. You have to built up momentum, if you have this certain drive hurdles can be taken easier.
If you lose your job, so what you can get another one, if somebody bullies you, you will have the strength to fight back, if your work colleague is an ashole you can laugh about it or make clear that he went too far.

The benefits of training, shift every area of your life. It's closely connected. If you want to reach more you have to feel proud about yourself. A good way for this is to train the shit out of you. If you fail of training once, don't be frustrated but make sure to train the next day. Just keep pushing. Do not give up.

Please tell me about the journey that you are taking right now.

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