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Saturday, 3 August 2013


So I have been resting for a few days now because I had some pain in my left calf. Guess it's because I have been running 55 kilometers last week. My body is just not use to this exaustion.

Yesterday I made my first run again. An easy 6k run. Didn't look onto my watch. Guess I ran 4:30/k, whats quite ok. It's lovely here right now because it's very warm. Today we have 35 degrees.

So what I wanted to tell you. I have recognized that sometimes when I run I get stiches and I have to slow down my speed although I actually know that I could run them faster. My muscles are not saw or anything alike...it's just the stiches which slow me down.

I am actually not quite sure why I am exactly getting these but I guess it has to do with insufficient air in my lounges. Would be happy if somebody else could give his insights on how to get rid of these stiches during running.

See you guys

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