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Friday, 9 August 2013

Hey everybody!

So today I went on a run again. Not much to say. I wasnt really lazy in the last days but was always out with friends or at my families place at night so it was hard to find a silent minute to hit the road. Among that, we have right now 38 degrees and it's still hot at night. Nevertheless I went running today at night.

Took the 6k distance again, because running up the hill seemed to exhausting.

The 6k went quite ok. At the middle of the lap I had to take out a bit speed but ran it with a 4:25/k so actually quite ok if you think about the weather;)

I am not sure if I go running tomorrow as I am planning to meet some friends at night.

So, a few guys are always reading my blog, I would be interested if you also would let me know about your running attitude, Maybe we could push each other to the limit or just motivate us on a regular basis.

Would be so happy to hear from you!!!

Greets Jeff

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