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Monday, 22 July 2013

Hey guys,

so I have already mentioned a few things about my running attitude in my previous posts.

As you know I am a runner. I love running. I want to tell you something about my training the last week.

I am training for a 5 k competition. My goal is to run a 5k in 18 minutes. Never done that before. PR is 18:55 last year Oktober 2012.

My training for the last week included:

Monday: 6k run 25 minutes

Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 16k run 1h 20
Thursday: 6k run 28 minutes
Friday: 12k run 55 minutes
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 16k run 1h 30 minutes, with 2 rests and some intervall training, went running with 3 friends much of up hill

Total 56 km in Week 1 (feeling that it might be to much, not quit sure, never ran that much before. Normal average is about 25 k a week. But I am somehow very motivated right now. Let's see how much it's gonna be this week.

Thanks for reading. Would appreciate it, if you could let me know about your training as well. Doesn't matter how fast or how slow you take them. Taking action is the most important.

Greets Jeff

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