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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

How To Change Habits?

Good question, let me think...
Ehm, actually I am not sure but I have a few ideas concerning this topic. Please let me explain...

I am training on a regular basis since 2 and a half years (with one break of 3 month in between) but otherwise I was always training regularly.

I sometimes lose focus and don't train for a week or so but then refocus again and then train like 5 times every second day again. But I sometimes can't hold this pace. And I think this is also not a problem as long as you don't completely stop with your training. 
There is this video in the internet about a guy who tries to change a habit within 30 days. He wants to focus for 30 days consecutively on a task that he wants to fulfill. If he interrupts the 30 days just once by not fulfilling the task he has to redo it as long as he manages. 

Funny story, ey?

Are you thinking about taking the challenge? Maybe you have already tried continuously to change something in your life? Now you have the chance to make a difference. 

Think about one thing you want to change and go after it. 

Why you should do that? Well if you don't try to do it, you will never know the benefits of it. You have to know, that people say no to things but they actually don't even know what they are saying no to. Isn't that stupid? 

We have developed behaviors in our life's that aren't always healthy. We have built up values that don't help us but rather harm us. Eating fat food will probably bring into the grave 5-10 years earlier, Making no sport will cost you a few years of your life also. If you don't go out and increase your social circles you are missing out on great discussions, great people and great ideas. You might be not that fulfilled in your life. 

It's not about living in a shell and not trying any new things, its exactly the other way round. Living open minded, pro active, going out, trying new things that's the way to follow. And if you start changing something in your life for a better, stick to it. If you quit smoking its not a one day thing, its a life time thing. 

Either you want to change something or you don't, there is no maybe.

You can do it better than this guy!

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