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Friday, 12 September 2014

The Harder The Battle - The Sweeter The Victory

Is that really true? I believe that. We are naturally lazy, that's the way humans are. Some stay lazy their whole life and there is nothing bad about it. It's everybody's choice what he/she wants to do.

What I discovered for myself is, that if you are first of all doing what you like is very important for your inner satisfaction. I know a guy, he works in the gym since nearly 10 years and he is the very happy with his job. Some people might say, that this is not a great job. I think differently, this guy knows what's the most important in life and he is living it: "Finding what you like, what fulfills you, what makes you happy when you stand up. That's the real magic.

I respect this guy, I sometimes talk with him when I am in the gym and I think he is a great person. 

He is way ahead of many other people who are conditioned to have a great job, that's honored in the society and gives you the feeling of being more valuable. If you look at those people in more detail you sometimes discover that they are not satisfied at all (I don't say every person, but I think that much to many people are conditioned by the society, by their family or other external factors that are not good for them).

I myself was in a job for nearly three years that I did not like at all. I mean I liked learning new stuff, that's just my nature, but I actually didn't like the topic. It was boring, I could not see myself reading stuff about it in my spare time, only if my boss told me I had to read that and that, Moreover my boss was a complete asshole. 

He made the job even worse, until I gave notice.

I think finding what you really want is really important. If you don't like your current job, start searching for something new and try something else. Find what you like. 

Also a big man in our history, Steve Jobs says that in a speech in Stanford. If you are interested, listen to this very inspiring story:

It might open your eyes to seek for more than just a job. 

Another aspect that I want to cover here is about the human battle to exceed over laziness. 
In my gym there is a sentence stating: Exceed your expectations - because you can! 

It's a powerful phrase. If you start realizing it's strength you might reconsidering your current values. 

And of course there is always the question, if you really want to exceed your expectations?
From my own experience I can say, I don't know any person, that does not want more in his/her life.

We are all striving for success, we want to prosper, grow, learn and progress. Or at least 99.9% of us. 

In some way we want to make a change to this world. I believe that you can just make a change if you start believing in yourself. You have to belief in yourself and than you can start helping others. 

I guess everybody wants to know how he/she can start believing in her/himself. Actually it's easy to answer. For me it means, being reliable to yourself, holding the commitments that you make to yourself. Mastering yourself, means believing in yourself. 

For some reason, I like to take sports as an example for it because it shows very good who is commited to his own commitments and who is not. You ever started in the gym and stopped training after a few weeks or month again? Why have you started, if you did not finish? Maybe you realized that the responsibility is a big one to go to the gym twice a week. Was the painful journey too long?  

You can not stop after you have started. It has to consume you, you have to develop the mindset of always doing it. I mean, you are probably also brushing your teeth every morning, don't you? 

Every heard the sentence: When the going gets tough, the tough keep going. That's the only way to get successful, to reach your goals. That's all of the secret. 

If you start with something that you don't like doing it will be really tough and will take a while until it's a habit. You will receive no benefits, just pure pain, No enjoyment. For a long time. Until their will come a day where you will have a boost up, you will shoot in the sky like a rocket...


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