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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Training With Injuries... No Fun

It happens to all of us, sometime in life. An Injury. But what to do if you have been training so hard and all of a sudden pain is distracting you...?

You bet, exactly what happened to me 2-3 weeks ago. I have been for a longer 12k run on the stupid concrete street. Actually I can run wherever I like and don't have any problems afterwards. Not this time.

Already during my run, I felt a slight pain in my knee. But kept going as it was not too bad. 

After some stretching I went to my car and drove home. I felt some pain but not that much.
Next morning I woke up and my knee did hurt quite a lot, always when I was bending the leg. 
It was monday morning and I went to work, but had felt quite some pain when moving... 

Change of Training

I hate it to be distracted from my training, so I decided not to leave the knee heal but steadily train on, on soft ground... 

Two days later I went to the gym and made a short 5k run, with not to much intensity. At the beginning I hardly felt my knee, at 3k's it started hurting again. 

I although made a 5.1k. The next two days I paused again and then went on a run again, rather short again, again pain... This I have now done for another 3 times...

So far, so good, the pain always comes but it's not too bad. I tried to also change my training now and also went for a soccer game instead of running. Tomorrow I will make some weight lifting and make some lifting with my legs, just to train other muscles more and to not overcompensate others. 

What I want to say is, sure there might be moments where a further training is not possible, but from my experience, it is not such a good idea to stop the training completely. It might be better to shift the training for a while, take the running workout back and focus on other areas that do not effect the
injury in a negative way.

So, don't be frustrated if it happens, but keep momentum and make a shift in your training.

Be aware I am not a doctor and I can just suggest things from my experience.
If you are not too familiar with your body and about what works and what doesn't, definitely consider to visit a doctor, because injuries can be severe as well and a proper examination is a necessity.

And don't forget to always warm up before training, this can avoid injuries. And with warming up we mean, 10-15 min, in which you are starting to sweat... It's your health.

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