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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

How We Move Forward In Life

How to move forward in life? 

Many people move one step forward and two steps back.
Some people move two steps forward and one step back AND
Some never move anywhere.

What do we need in life to be happy? I believe it is progress. There are many people who don't have a job, they are struggling with money issues. They do not have a job and so don't see progress in some way. Fortunately this does not have to be this way.

What I discovered for myself a couple of years ago is, that we can also be happy without a job. As long as you have progress. But how do you make sure to have progress?

You have to do something... it does not really matter what, but you need to do something where you get better and better with focus and endurance. If you have the feeling of not improving in some way, start reading books, go to seminars, search for a mentor and do manual jobs for a while. You can always work as a waitress or a cleaner or in a kitchen. It actually does not really matter...

You know there are people, who have a better start in their job, they graduate from university and find a job quickly. The work atmosphere is great, the boss is a nice guy and the tasks are challenging but the team members are willing to help whenever asked for.

This is a good start BUT there are also people who have a "bad" start. They finish school or university, apply for a job but are not able to find something... They search for a month, 2 month...6 month... 1 year and you know what happens?

You think you are not valuable, you are NOT wanted... applying for a job gets harder and harder... your self confidence is decreasing and you even start NOT to apply for a job because you do not want to be rejected AGAIN. The rat race has begun... you start spinning in a circle and you start applying for unskilled jobs... and lose focus of your main goal... Your Dream Job.

You are getting older, your schoolmates have better jobs then you, they seem so happy, you are having this fuxx job and you are not able to break threw it...

So what to do when you are trapped in this situation? 

The main challenge is to get your confidence back. And how would you do that? You have to built up momentum, create self-esteem and start talking with people again.

From my perspective the best way to do this is: Start doing a sport on a regular basis. No matter how fat you are, how thin you are, how lazy you are, what your current condition is, you have to get some routine and progress into your life.

Believe me, if you do something on a regular basis you will build up momentum. Momentum will be your most powerful weapon. Often its not the person who has the best qualification who receives the job, its the person with the strongest self-esteem. Ever had an assessment center where you are sitting in a room with 10 other job applicants. Recognised that there are a always a few that try to lead the speech and some who are getting more and more silent. Its the confident ones who stand out from the crowd and most likely also attract the eyes of the employer.

So, this does not mean that you have to be the loudest, if you have this inner self confidence, employers will recognise it and also the guy who is actually the loudest.

Ever wondered why some people are dedicated to sports, to playing a music instrument, to being an expert in chess, having a great knowledge in a language etc? They are feeding themselves with momentum and self-esteem. They try to be smarter, more athletic, quicker, wiser than their surrounding. They do something on a regular basis and see progress...PROGRESS is a life changer and it just comes with dedication to something.

Start being responsible for your life and fire the engines, because you do not need a job to be HAPPY.

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