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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The difference between being rich, poor and wealthy

How would you define a poor person?
Is a poor person somebody who has no money but debts?
Is a rich person somebody who has all what the poor does not have?
Is a wealthy person somebody who has money, friends and freedom?

1. Rich people

In our world there are rich people that have a lot of money but no friends, family, and freedom. They might have money and can buy themselves nearly everything. 

In our society people who have a lot of material status are considered as being rich. If you have a 1000m2 house, a great car, a boat and 5 Rolex watches you are considered a success in our world. 

The sad thing about it is, that rich does by far not mean that you are happy. And you don't have to be wealthy neither. Being rich is just ONE ingredient that makes you wealthy. Their is so much more to have a happy life.

2. Poor people 

Poor people can be happier than rich people. They might not have that much money and their possibilities might be limited. But what they might have is good friends, a good family and good relationships. Being poor is not always a bad thing. The problem that poorness brings with it is that you are also not wealthy and money can be a factor that divides families. How often were marriages divorced just because of the main problem: Lack of money.So being poor should not be an option.

3. Wealthy people

When are you wealthy? For me a wealthy person is somebody who has managed to be rich in 3 areas of his life. The areas are:

1. Great relationships with family, friends, spouse etc. 
2. Having enough money to not worry about the next payslip, the next investment, buying a new car etc. Having heaps of money brings a lot of freedom as you are not working for your money but your money is working for you.
3.Being fit which means doing regular sports and eating healthy food.

If you can manage to align these 3 principles in your life, you are truely truely rich, you are wealthy. Unfortunately so many people miss these 3 areas. 

They have one or the other but only very few are wealthy. A top lawyer that earns $15,000 aa month and works 70 hours a week is not richer than a fisher that catches two fish a day but has a great relationship with his family. 

The secret of true success is to fulfil all of these 3 areas. A lot of people are not succesful in any of these 3 areas, some are succesful in one and just a few are succesful in 2 areas. And only a handful of thousand are succesful in all 3 areas. 

It's not easy being wealthy. Is it something that you want? Would love reading your comments.  

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