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Monday, 1 December 2014

How To Make An Extra 400 Dollars In December 2014

You might have had similar challenges in your life, my challenge for December 2014 is to make an extra 400 dollars, to the money I am already earning.

It does not matter how I do it, at least I accomplish this goal. I have thought of a few things already and know that I have to execute my ideas as quick as possible to make $400 extra money.
It does not matter how I do it (as long its legal of course:))

I will keep you up to date over the next 30 days how much I earn on extra money per day.

This is going to be a fucking awesome challenge.

Unfortunately on day 1 I did not make any extra money. My plan is it to built up something in the next days that will generate some extra money / maybe I will also have to take a job for the weekend, but would prefer to make it online.

The questions I am asking myself is: What are people willing to pay for especially so close to christmas season?

I think if I can improve myself everyday by just a few 0.1x % I should actually be able to reach my goal. If you are interested in a very insightful article please check this here: http://jamesclear.com/marginal-gains The secret of marginal gains.

DAY #1: $ 0,00
DAY #2: $ 0,00
DAY #3: $ 0,00
DAY #4: $ 0,00
DAY #5: $ 20,00
DAY #6: $ 0,00

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